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Uganda Travel Bureau 2004 Ltd has been in organizing tours and safari vacations for over 40 years for customers who are eager to travel and see Africa's rich, colorful and diverse culture and picturesque scenery brought to life in vivid flora and fauna, as well as diverse wildlife as you have yet to experience anywhere else but in Uganda.

Some of our services include: African Safaris, Air Travel, Hotel Accommodation, Car Rentals, Tours, Travel Insurance, Visa sourcing, Holiday packages and Tailor-made safaris and travel plans. Our client list includes Uganda's largest corporate's as well as individuals.




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Uganda is one of the must travel to destinations in Africa, Gorillas, Birds the Big five....more

Simba Safari


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Simba Safari


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Uganda is one of the must travel to destinations in Africa. The country has multi geographic climate giving it a varied eco system. From the Gorillas in Mbwindi Impenetrable forest to Lions in Queen Elizabeth National Park you will move North toward the mighty Murchison Fall before going a little bit south east to enjoy a John Hanning Speke moment at the source of the Nile. From here go north to enjoy the semi arid Kidepo national Park, all the while enjoying the majestic scenery and friendly people. Well did I mention the food, it fresh and delicious.....More

Top Destinations in Uganda.

2017 Atlanta Georgia Rotary Convention.

Uganda Rotarians Atlanta USA trip organised by Uganda Travel Bureau 2004 Ltd.

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Uganda Travel Bureau 2004 Ltd has set itself apart as a industry and market leader by providing customer with unparalleled quality service and support.

  • We have over 40 years of experience in the region.
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  • For years we have set the markets standards with competitive pricing and world class service.